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What do we offer at Tweed?

We know virtually all there is to know about the fashion business.

We monitor the market, world trends and media, being careful to always advise our clients in a modern and effective manner. We’re not afraid of challenges, we know the fashion environment inside and out.

We’re happy to work with other authorities in the field.

Our strength lies in our ability to advise our clients from the creation stage of their collection. We know which designs will grab the attention of the press while at the same time promoting the client’s brand. We know how to effectively create, market and sell fashion.

We have an extremely effective, well-promoted and well-liked marketing tool in the Showroom Tweed platform, which the media use to access our clients’ press materials.

We organise brand press days, fashion shows and shop openings.

We assist in the creation of a brand identity and logo.

We maintain clients’ profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

We send out newsletters.

We design and create online shops for fashion products.

We organise sessions for online shops.

Fashion expertise, great service and a friendly atmosphere make us a trustworthy and valued partner for the media.

The experience and skills we possess are key to the professional support we offer our clients.

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